Paper’s Staggering Traffic From Its #BreakTheInternet Kim Kardashian Cover

Kim Kardashian, a 34-year-old reality star's Paper magazine cover which intended to #breaktheinternet Tuesday featured her completely naked and lathered in oil. It wasn't only one photograph but a series of photographs which were twitted either by Kim Kardashian, Kayne West (her husband) or the Paper magazine itself. It may not break the internet but... Continue Reading →


How far are brands from their customers ? I guess only tapping of your fingers on keyboard. Social media has made the world really closer and easier then it was before for the marketers. In my last blog post Marketing with social media and its ROI, we looked at the TCS's survey according to which... Continue Reading →

Marketing with Social Media and its ROI

"ROI" - Return on Investment. A simple but most important word. On average, large consumer companies (with an average of $15.6 billion in revenues) will spend close to $19 million on social media this year, according to results from a survey conducted by Tata Consulting Services (TCS). While that average figure is projected to rise... Continue Reading →

Working Model and Market condition of RTB – Real Time Bidding

These days, we want everything very very fast. Work should be easier and transparent. RTB is doing all these job for advertisers and marketers. In the first part, we looked at the outline of RTB. Now lets have a detailed factors of these new magic tool. The biggest innovation in advertising world allows you to bid... Continue Reading →

Outline of RTB – Real Time Bidding

RTB is a data-driven buying model through which ad agencies place auction-based bids for individual ad impressions. This process takes place in milliseconds, allowing agencies to adjust their strategies almost immediately based on the performance of individual sites and ad impressions. RTB, as defined by Park Associates, describes the automated process of buying and selling... Continue Reading →

Youtube : Entertaining videos or Visual Journalism ??

What do you search on Youtube? Your favorite TV Show? Recorded sport footage? Favorite song? Any other comedy video or NEWS ??? On March 11, 2011, an earthquake registering 9.0 on the Richter scale struck the coast of northeastern Japan, triggering a tsunami that would kill more than 18,000 people and leave an estimated $180... Continue Reading →

Tell a story to a new bird on Social Networks : Qwikstory

We have heard many stories from our Grand papa and mamma, now new bird in our sky will help to boost our imagination. Our chance to tell a story – Launched on 15th  May, 2012 , Gives you chance to be creative in 1,000 characters. Qwikstory offers its members the choice of starting... Continue Reading →

52% of Social Media Budgets Spent on Social Networking

52% of organizations’ social media budgets are estimated to be allocated to social networking, while 13% are spent on blogs, 11% on micro-blogging, and 7% on wikis, per results from an IDC Global Technology and Industry Research Organization survey released in July 2012. Looking at the Industry distribution, Retail allocates the largest proportion of its... Continue Reading →

Moms – The Best Brand Ambassadors on Social Network.

Mothers day is not far away!! Let's know moms on online social space.. Moms - The best Brand Ambassadors on socnet Moms are the best brand ambassadors than other women on social networks says performics servey 2012. Looking at the behavior of 2998 women who accessed at least one social network sites on a regular... Continue Reading →

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