Why rails method “redirect_to” ate up my 1-2 hours?

The best part of the Web Development Curriculum at Flatiron school is solving its labs. Though it’s really tough many times but it really gives you a hands-on experience, challenges to exercise your brain, and face-to-face with errors which might get when you program in the real world.

I am currently learning “Rails”. It’s huge but very interesting. Tough but loving it. While trying to solve a lab “[Sessions Controller Lab](https://github.com/learn-co-students/sessions_controller_lab-v-000)”, I encountered an error, which didn’t look complicated but surely took me a while to figure out a bug.

Redirect error expecting keyword end

It is saying that I am missing keyword end somewhere. My code for the destroy method, which was using redirect_to helper method, was very simple.

Redirect error_code

I didn’t understand what was going on. Tried rewriting that method again and again, scanned entire controller carefully to find out if I had a typo. Also, tried writing the same method in a different syntax.

Redirect error

But, aa… No luck! Finally, after drinking a cup of coffee, spending a really good chunk of time on it, I decided to take help of Learn experts. And realized that my mistake was something that I never thought of!

A space between redirect_to and opening bracket after that!!!! Removed it, and everything started working again.

No redirect error

No errors! It’s strange but out of 100 times you get any errors, 99% it’s a typo or unexpected things! Also, I did a little bit of research after this. And found out the more interesting syntax to write the same line.

Also, a free bonus for you! I did a little bit of research after this. And found out the more interesting syntax to write the same line.

redirect_to(“ActionName”, “ControllerName”
Which in the case of our destroy method, will look something like this.

Error free

Lesson learned. Space does matter.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any similar experience where space in method made a chaos in your application!




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