Why did you decide to learn software development?

“Why did you decide to learn software development?” is the question I may be answering every day from the moment I decided to jump into web development. I am an experienced Marketing Professional. So, this question when I am in mid of my career is obvious. But I do have many reasons to justify my decision.

  • In my last job as a Marketing Coordinator, I used to work with a team of web-developers. They have always exceeded our expectations for any of our website projects. I was always curious about how could they add any particular functionality to our web page or put it in a better way if I could do it by myself. In a thirst to do more by myself, I learned a bit of HTML and CSS. I have also used both of these languages in Email Marketing campaigns for our company. Initially, it felt like a magic to me. More I did, more I wanted to do.
  • With a little bit of research(with the help of my best friend, Google), I realized if I pursue my interest and learn more, I can also earn big money. Obviously, money is a very important factor when it comes to lifetime decisions. Being a Marketing professional, I already have a strong base to understand customers. So, if I can offer the best of both the worlds to my clients, Marketing and Programming, happy clients and happy me. I realized there are millions of job profile available where I can exercise my education, expertise, and interest in the best way to give my clients the best possible solutions for the web.
  • I feel some kind of magic whenever I learn a new feature or technique that can help me to add some functionality to any web page or application. I want to pass that magic feeling to my beautiful daughter. I want her to realize that with little passion and hard work even she can do whatever she dreams.

Life is little dull if you can not follow your dreams. I am living my dream today and I know I will be living this for the rest of my life to make it colorful.

-Originally posted on http://himachitalia.com/2017/03/13/why_did_you_decide_to_learn_software_development/


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