7 Brilliant Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

social useAmericans spend an average of more then 2 hours per day on social network platforms, according to research released by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX). Impressive, isn’t it? Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and many more social network platforms keep its user busy and engaged. Anything that may take 2 hours of time from your routine is important. Then, why ignore such a huge opportunity?

Over the last couple of years, social networks has created the bridge between businesses and consumers that never existed before. This bridge helps to strengthen relationship between producers and consumer by allowing them with two way easy communication. The costs of social marketing are remarkably less than traditional marketing. Consider the cost of creating a short video that goes viral vs. what it costs to produce a commercial for a slot for Black Friday promotions. What you get in return is a massive reach through integration of Social Media Platforms !!

Lets look at the brilliant 7 benefits of social media to the business houses !!

  1. Realtime Engagement – Social media has made the world really small. Producers and customers are just a click away from each other. Social Media helps businesses to address any issues in matter of minutes. It helps to connect with your customers and respond to their feedback in real-time.
  2. Brand Awareness – Every opportunity you have to market your content and increase your visibility is important. Social Media is a voice and content of a brand. It helps you to portrait your brand the way you want your customer to see it !! By creating presence on multiple social media platforms, brands are able to raise their awareness and reach to the billions of people. By posting favorable content, businesses can make the brand a word of mouth.
  3. More opportunity to convert – Every post you publish on social media is an opportunity to convert some one into becoming your loyal customer. Your post will be either read by your customers or potential customer. Utilize that opportunity to give strong brand message and answer their questions. Every image or video you upload, Every comment or blog you write, there are chances that someone will react to it. Take the best of that reactions, to create more strong loyal relationships.
  4. Better Search Engine Ranking – To rank high on a search engine is every brand’s wish list. The more positive and regular content you create for your brand, more value you are giving search engines to get the higher rank. Writing a blog or updating your website is no longer enough because search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, to name a few, consider your social media presence. According to hubspot, marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer improved search engine rankings. That means, by keeping your social media profiles up to date, you are giving search engines signals that your brand is legitimate, credible, and trustworthy. Thus, in order to rank high on a social media, better presence on social network is almost mandatory.
  5. Location Based Marketing –  Its true that social media can give you a boundryless experience to connect with your customers. I believe, sometimes its also beneficial for the businesses to look into its backyard. Specially for the small and medium sized businesses, through social media its really easy to target the local customers to get the quality reach.
  6. Cut Marketing Cost – According to hubspot, brands who spend at least six hours per week on social media efforts saw a benefit of reduced marketing expenses. Impressive, Indeed !! Six hours is not a massive investment for a channel as large as social media. With good content and a strong social media strategy, social media platforms will  increase your return on investment (ROI).
  7. Public Relation – Companies use Social media for so many purposes. Product launch? Hiring? Customer service? what ever it could be. Its an instant way to connect and inform customer about any changes taking place with the business houses. But its not limited to this. Brands use social media even for the crisis management because of its quality to connect to the masses instantly.

Benefits of social media doesn’t stop here. These are just few important practices. Just yesterday (December 1st, 2014), ABC News launched  “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir on Facebook, where he is hosting a one-minute video update daily called “Facecast: The One Thing,” So far it has been getting tremendous positive response. The first upload already got more than 3,00,000 total views.

Social Media has become mirror of the brand. Although the importance of social media in today’s business landscape is indisputable, businesses are still not making the most of its full potential. It simply takes creativity, passion, and consistency to keep your social media campaigns ruling and rolling. Regardless of the serious competition, there are millions of people waiting to be reached and endless opportunity to convert viewers into loyal customers. Don’t let your competitors beat you out in the social landscape. Your next prospect could possibly come from social media. 


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    1. Search engine ranking is important for any one weather its an individual or a big brand. Thanks a lot for comment. I really appreciate it. Keep visiting blog.



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