Moms – The Best Brand Ambassadors on Social Network.

Mothers day is not far away!!

Let’s know moms on online social space..

Moms – The best Brand Ambassadors on socnet

Moms are the best brand ambassadors than other women on social networks says performics servey 2012. Looking at the behavior of 2998 women who accessed at least one social network sites on a regular basis, mothers were 25% more likely to talk about companies and brands they follow on Facebook (61% vs. 49%), 34% more likely than other women to recommend companies and brands via social networking sites (59% vs. 44%), and almost 50% more likely to discuss them on social networking sites after seeing an ad elsewhere (49% vs. 33%).

Moms – Engage more at socnet

Moms are not only representing brands in a different ways they even love to get engaged with social networks. A greater proportion of mothers than other women said they had liked a post (52% vs. 37%), read company or brand posts in their newsfeed (45% vs. 32%), and made a comment on a post (30% vs. 20%). They were also more likely to have said they visit company or brand Facebook pages (43% vs. 30%) and visit company or brand websites through Facebook links (37% vs. 26%).

Social network moms are online shoppers

And social network’s influence does not only lead moms to visit webpages, they also influence them to convert: 42% said they had made a purchase as a result of a recommendation on a social networking site. By comparison, 29% of the other women said they had made a purchase as a result of a recommendation on social networks.

Mom’s primary Brand communication channel – social networks

Majority of mothers say that communications from brands and companies on social networks are replacing other communication channels. 35%  of moms want to receive communications from brand via facebook more than once a week (compared to 28% other women). One reason why mothers are looking to receive more communications from brands is because they simply trust them more: 42% saying they trust the information they get from brands and companies through social networking sites more than information they obtain elsewhere, compared to 24% of other women.

Mom’ other social networks wings

  • Majority of moms said they have either already participated in company or brand contents or sweepstakes (53%) or plan to do so in the future (24%)
  • 44% of moms  play games on social networks than 33% other woman.
  • Mothers are significantly more likely than other women to link to a company or brand ad (52% vs. 40%) and to post one (43% vs. 28%) on a social network.
  • Moms are more open to discuss about restaurants, alcoholic beverages, household properties, food, magazines, sports and many more.
  • Almost two-thirds of mothers said they have learned about a product or service through a social networking site, while 56% said they had followed up on product recommendations received on these sites to learn more.

This is likely a reflection of the finding that almost two-thirds of mothers believe they can influence companies by voicing their opinions on social networks.

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1.  Performics ROI Research 2012.

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