Facebook dominates social logins and sharing destinations

Online users who opted to use a social network identity has used facebook 45% and google 31% in Q1 2012 for social logins  to speed up registration on sites across the web.

  1.  Facebook (45%)  –  The #1 option
  2. Google (31%)
  3. Yahoo(9%) and Twitter(9%)
  4. Windows live (3%)

Facebook Share Grows 30% Y-O-Y

  • The analysis reveals that Facebook has pulled away from Google, growing its share by 10% points, while Google’s share has remained flat.
  •  Twitter gained 2% points over the year, from 7% to 9%.
  • Yahoo (9% vs. 13%) and Windows Live (3% vs. 6%) both saw significant declines.

Facebook Dominates Mobiles

In Q1 2012, Facebook dominates 49% share, relatively flat from 50% in Q4. Google’s share dropped from 28% to 25%, while Twitter saw an increase in popularity, from 11 to 14%.

Facebook’s ascendance within the mobile social login arena can be seen in better light when comparing the Q1 2012 figures to those from Q3 2011. Back then, Facebook and Google shared top billing, each at 37% share of the market. Over the past 6 months, though, Facebook’s share has grown 12% points, while Google’s has dropped 12% points.

Facebook – The Sharing Destination

The Janrain report also examines quarterly trends in sharing of content from the web to social networks.

  • Facebook was easily the top sharing destination in Q1 2012, with 54% of shares.
  • Twitter was in second spot, at 39%.

Facebook’s share grew 3% points from Q4 2011, while Twitter’s grew 4% points from Q3 2011.Facebook is also the top sharing platform, according to April 2012 analysis from Shareaholic, which looked at sharing trends in March 2012.

Other Findings:

  • Facebook’s popularity for social login on retail sites has dropped from 49% in Q3 2011 to 43% in Q1 2012, although the Q1 share is an improvement from 41% in Q4 2011. Google held 29% share of social logins for retail sites in Q1, down from 34% the previous quarter.
  • Facebook boasted 50% share of social logins on entertainment and gaming sites in Q1, up from 45% in Q4 2011. Yahoo also saw a boost, growing from 8% to 11% in that period. Windows Live held 4% share in Q1 2012, down from 19% in Q4 2010.
  • The social login mix on music sites remained relatively steady in Q1 2012, with Facebook retaining its lead, at 63% share. Google (13%) and Twitter (12%) were next, both unchanged from the previous quarter.
  • Google’s share of logins on media sites jumped 4% points to 21% in Q1 2012, while Facebook also grew, from 43% to 46% share.


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