Social Network Users in Brazil, China More Likely to Engage with Brands Online than US

In this ever growing market, Globally 25% of total social media users finds social media a good source of word-of-mouth information.

Which is the best way to connect with consumers for global brands and marketers?

According to an October 2011 survey from Jack Morton worldwide, may be social media. Social media users in Brazil, India and China were more likely to consider social network sites a good source of word-of-mouth information on brand experiences than were users in the US, at 31%, 27% and 23%, respectively, vs. 18% in the US.

Brazil, China and India has scored the highest percentage score in all most all the positive section than US. Where as in negative section like not considering information on social sites to be good research US is scoring highest (19%) than Brazil, India and China.

Attitudes Toward Interacting with Brands on Social Networks According to Social Network Users in Select Countries, Oct 2011 (% of respondents)

Only 7% of the US Social network consumers will first of all check the Social Network sites to do a research for a brand decision. eMarketer expects just over half of total social media ad revenues in 2012 to come from outside the US.

Can we say that one of the most developed country US has much more negative attitude towards social media than rest of the world?



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