E-commerce spending reached a new peak of $161.5 billion

Life is too busy, People make it much more easy with E-shopping.

Ecommerce has crossed new lines.US retail e-commerce spending reached a new peak of $161.5 billion in 2011, representing a 13% increase from $142.5 billion in 2010, according to February 2012 figures from comScore.

The top-performing online shopping product categories in Q4 2011 all grew at least 18% compared to a year earlier.

These were:

digital content & subscriptions ;

jewelry & watches;

consumer electronics;

toys & hobbies;

and computer software.

What do they want for shopping online??

52% of all e-commerce transactions in Q4 2011 included free shipping.

According to other comScore data from December 2011, 36% of internet users said that free shipping was very important to them and that they would not make a purchase without it. A further 42% of the respondents said that free shipping was somewhat important and that they were active seekers of free shipping deals. In fact, results from an October 2011 e-tailing group survey indicate that free shopping is the most important website feature for consumer. With 73% of respondents rating unconditional free shipping as a top 2 very important or critical feature when making a purchase from a website, ahead of free returns (70%), and sales and specials sections (62%).

Ecommerce is certainly going to be the heart of all the sales activity.


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