Two things I couldn’t do in my Sinatra App

Learning SQL and Sinatra was fun. I actually enjoyed it! As a part of the curriculum, I had to make project now. Building my Sinatra App with MVC model. It was actually very interesting project. I decided to make my application on coding tips because that is one of the things I normally look for.... Continue Reading →


Why rails method “redirect_to” ate up my 1-2 hours?

The best part of the Web Development Curriculum at Flatiron school is solving its labs. Though it's really tough many times but it really gives you a hands-on experience, challenges to exercise your brain, and face-to-face with errors which might get when you program in the real world. I am currently learning "Rails". It's huge... Continue Reading →

My first Ruby Gem ‘Popular_deals’

One thing I have learned is when you code, do one thing at a time. I started with doing lots of research and of course, watching all the informative videos provided by I got an idea, what would I need to do to start this project and which was the website I would like to scrap. I decided to show deals section of

The Magic of Responsive Design!

Roughly three-quarters of Americans (77%) now own a smartphone. Half the public now owns a tablet. And almost 73% Americans have broadband at home. That means, they either have desktop or laptop. I am sure, you may like to catch all of the prospect consumers irrespective of which device they are using and that makes it a necessity to be sure that your website looks great on all different screen sizes.

Why did you decide to learn software development?

I can exercise my education, expertise, and interest in the best way to give my clients the best possible solutions for the web.

Converting Your Profile Into a Facebook Page

Today at work, one simple thing booked us for minutes. Very very basic. Actually, we wanted to like one Facebook page not as our personal profile but as our Facebook page. Did many times in past but somehow just couldn't find an option. After, Couple of minutes, we realized Facebook gives you 2 options to... Continue Reading →

7 Brilliant Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Americans spend an average of more then 2 hours per day on social network platforms, according to research released by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX). Impressive, isn't it? Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and many more social network platforms keep its user busy and engaged. Anything that may take 2 hours of time from your routine... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Use Twitter For Marketing

One of the largest Social Network, twitter with 248 million monthly active users, provides plenty of scope for advertisement. A study from DigitasLBi discovered that 20% of Americans would consider purchasing via social networks. To tap the advertising market and expand its scope with large number of users, twitter has many ways to promote products and services.... Continue Reading →

Most Appealing #MobileAdvertisement Features To Mothers

Consumers have adopted mobile faster than businesses can keep up and they have all of the power, says Jason Spero, Google’s vice president of performance media. Very true. Recently, baby center surveyed 1,000+ US expectant women and moms with children up to 8 years old. The most appealing feature of the mobile advertisement is coupons, cited... Continue Reading →

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